Sunday, June 28, 2015

Prajapathi song

The queen who was adored by everyone.
The perfect beauty, lady with ophidian power, appearance of a perfect woman
She was devoted by everyone; she was the lioness for all the women who dwell on Earth
She was perfect with all the qualities of all time.
She was the queen of the island Lanka
Her absolute beauty enchanted the world, Devi Pattini, who was gifted with prosperity
She was the light of all the suns, all the moons and all the stars
She was prepared with all the qualities and equipped paramitha
She is... Prajapathi

The sound of musical anklet comes from the Shore of Anothattha Lake
The Damaru (a Sri Lankan drum) is played according to the sound of those musical anklets
The royal princesses are dancing to the drums
As they dance, the mansion of the celestial nymphs is created

The princesses are wearing garlands, they look like that they are from Alakamanda
The beauty of their dance, and the strength and talent they have in dancing... they must be the daughters of Asura clan.
They dance by Anothattha Lake, which is surrounded by mountains.
The sound and shine of their gem tinklers mixed with the beauty of those princesses, can easily defeat the beauty of the Moon
Knowing that, and being defeated by the beauty of the princesses, the Moon hides away.

The daughters of Vessawana are wearing blue garlands
They have been dancing all day and sweating
After hearing the proficiency of Hela Dancing
The Sun dived in to Anothattha Lake, looking for the Moon

When sunlight fell on her body from far away,
Marks of fortune could be seen in her body
She will protect the power of her clan; she will have the most pride,
Said those marks.
She dreamt about bearing a Bodhisattva son
That dream will come true in this life time
Said those marks in her body

Prajapathi.... Maha Devi......

Her beautiful hair, that looks like a dark cloud that is about to rain. She was wearing a head-dress made of gold and gems.
Wearing a white dress that was made out of the beautiful Moon rays
She was in love for the first time at Waramgala

The hill country of Dumbara is getting ready
Playing thirty-five ragas in music
Dhundhubhi drums are reverberating from Kimbulwath Pura
The maiden of Koliya Pura is coming

The fights of the era are ending
Both parties are gathered at one wedding
The power of the Asura clan will be re-established
Surrounded by charming girls, The Maiden Prajapathi is shinning like the new Moon

The royal crowds from Dimbulagala and Gampola are here
Kingdom of Virata and Panchala also support now
Everyone talks about the goodness of them
It predicts some fortunate events

She became the wife of King Suddhodana
Since their horoscopes matched perfectly
She decided to be married to him

The flag of the fowl and lion was combined with the symbol of Sun
This marked the beginning of a new era in Thun Helaya
This is the fourth era of this aeon
The sound of ‘Thath’ ‘Dith’ ‘Thon’ ‘Nam’ can be heard from the four corners of this land.

With her calm mind, she thinks about her future son and wished for a bodhisathwa
As she fell asleep, she saw that dream of white elephant entering to her stomach (womb)
She told about the dream to Suddhodana and sent him to astrologers to discover the meaning of it.
She waited by the window till her husband brings the good news and enjoyed the singing of birds
She became a mother at a full moon day as she wished.

The mist of Hanthana Mountains came to comfort her
The wind coming through the paddy fields of Magadha, the kingdom of Sura, refreshed her
Her relatives from Paranimmitha Wasavarti kingdom brought her comforting food, sweets
King Sakra invited her to visit his mansion at any time
The embryo is growing like a waxing moon
The mangoes of Ambul Ambe village became more sweetened
Blue water lilies bloomed at Dambulla
She spent a week at the palace of Birani at Matale
Flowers with much fragrance were bloomed at Gandhara
Sithulpawwa was filled with the fruits called ‘Kara’
A comfortable bed was being made at Dehigolla
And her relatives from Kosala kingdom are coming to see her

The autogenic rice was filled in golden plates
She had garments of Kasi to prepare clothes for her unborn
The Vesak month is getting closer and she is ready to go to her parents

The roads are decorated with lanterns
Rituals are taking place at Weraganthota, Mahiyangane to bless her
The sound of the rituals can be heard far away from Kandanhena

The Moon is leaving after spreading dew
The sun arrived but lowered its heat to comfort her
Wind was blowing at Bambaragala, forest of Sal trees
A son like a full moon was born to the Heladeepa

My son who looks like a moon (shines like a moon)
My son who will become the Buddha

Fowl in the morning, cuckoo in the afternoon and Cicada at night will sing the same thing
It is the qualities of a fortunate mother who lived two thousand years ago
Though it came from sky as rain, or it was streaming in rivers, every drop of water is chanted with paritta
Everything talks about her...  the beauty, the charm and the qualities of the mother

Her two sons Nanda and Siddhartha are beside her, protecting her
Their songs for the mother can be heard from all the way down at Kuragala
Though it is from Kapila Pura, or Kambhoja or Asura Pura, it is a river of goodness that flows
The songs for this lovely mother are like the soft moon rays that flow on Earth     

Ask from the peacocks that dance in the morning, about the stories in their colorful feathers
Ask for the truth from every Sal tree in the forest
Which auspicious time made this month of Vesak so fructiferous?
The Sun bows down at the Samanala Kanda (Himagira) to honour the quality of this mother.
The Rohini River, also known as Ganga is murmuring sweet stories
Garments of Maa loku Devi, the mother of Buddha is kept at Salukanda
She entered the battle field with her hair wrapped around the sword
She is the one who defeated the enemy; there is no debate on that

Dear father Vesamuni, dear mother Soma Devi, and my dear brothers of Sumana clan
My son has more protection in the forest, the kind of protection he would not have at Atharagiriya or Maddawa
The comfort of Anawathaptha, or the Buddha Walawwa (mansion of Buddha), or Wanawasala has no meaning anymore
 Being the universal monarch (Sakwithi) is unnecessary when he is about to become the Buddha

My son is searching for the path of enlightenment
Look at the strength of the enlightened one, my son will protect the power of Siv-Helaya
Come from the four corners of the land and look at my son’s effort at the Bodhi tree terrace
Between the Earth and sky, in this land of Hela clan, if anyone attains the status of Buddha, he would be none other than my son

This Hela Bima is the land of Buddha
This is the power of Buddha
This is the name of the Buddha,
And... She is the mother of Buddha

The monks are the clan of Buddha
This is the teachings of Buddha
This is the command of Buddha
She is the mother of Buddha

She, the Pattini, the Hela Devi ended her task of this era
She was granted the permission to enter the Buddha’s clan as a monk
Her son, Gautama Buddha came to Kuragala looking for her mother
There, he orated Dharma at Pandupul Asana (the throne of King Sakra)
And his mother Maha Devi was enlightened.